Drip Campaigns
Customizable Drip Campaigns
Send a series of messages to your customers, prospects, and team members on your schedule to deliver content, nurture relationships, and automate communications.
Easy to Build, Easy to Personalize
Customize and build your drip campaign with our easy-to-use web interface on any browser. Personalize each message that your drip campaign sends with names, addresses, phone numbers and more.
Manage Drips on the Go with the Shout Mobile App
Start new contacts in drip campaigns right from the Shout mobile app. Select the question to start the drip from, skip questions, and remove contacts. It's never been easier to keep your business running smoothly.
Start Drips from the Inbox
It's super easy to add new contacts to your drip campaign right from the mobile app. Just find the contact in your inbox, and start the drip.
Run Drips in Parrallel
With Shout you can run as many drips as you need, even on the same contact at the same time. This makes it easy to manage your workflow how you see best.
Drip Automations
Add a trigger word to your drip campaign so that your audience can start them automatically. Plus, automatically start or stop drips with a bot or another drip campaign.
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