Shout Group Messaging
Group chat with all of your folks at the same time
Put all your people in the same conversation to make collaboration, announcements, knowledge sharing, and onboarding easier than ever before.
Add shared notes for your whole group to see
Shared notes makes it easy for your group to find the most important information. Add onboarding instructions, work and process descriptions, links, plus everything else that you need to make life easier for your group.
Easily manage members
Add members with the click of a button, or send out a group chat invite link so anyone who clicks the link is automatically added to your group chat. Moderate your members and add other members as admins.
Take the Complicated Out of Communication
Shout makes communicating easier than ever before. Chat with your whole group in the same conversation, send text messages, send facebook messages, send shout-to-shout messages all from the same place.
Group Chat is Free
Add your whole audience, group, team, or company to group chat for FREE. No more worrying about whether you can afford to communicate with all the folks that want your content.
Schedule Messages
Schedule messages to your group chat with the tap of a button, so you can work on your schedule and let your audience receive your content on their schedule.
Automate your Group Chats with Bots and Drips
Easily add and remove members from your group chats with Shout bots and drips , making sure your work flow is simple, easy, and automated.
Group Chat Invite Links
Send out an invite link to your group chat to make it super easy for your friends, family, colleagues, and audience to join your group chat.
See All the Group Chats your Contacts are In
Shout's powerful CRM means you can easily add group chat members directly to your contacts and see all your conversations and group chats your participating in together.
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