Shout Loyalty Program
Easily Manage Customer Loyalty
Enroll any contact into a Loyalty Program at anytime. It's as easy as setting up your program and then clicking a button to enroll your contact in the program.
Run Multiple Programs at Once
Set up multiple programs to run in parallel. Track the numbers of items purchased, the number of visits (punch cards), or the amount spent. Use a short term program to track coupons or promotions while running a lifetime value program to reward your most loyal customers.
Automate your Loyalty Tracking
Put your loyalty tracking on auto pilot when you use Shout Orders and Invoices to automatically track the number of items purchased, the amount spent, or the number of orders placed.
Punch Card Programs
Create a digital punch card for each of your customers and track their punches automatically. Make it easy to run "Your tenth visit is on us" promotions.
Amount Spent Programs
Create a digital dollars spent program and easily track the amount that each of your customers has spent with you. Make it easy to run "Spend $100 and get 10% off your next purchase" promotions.
Items Purchased Program
Create a digital items purchased program and track the number of items that your customers have purchased from you. Make it easy to do "Buy 10 Get One Free" promotions.
Track Seasonal and Holiday Promotions
Add start and end dates to your loyalty programs so you can track your seasonal and holiday promotionals. Makes it easy to run "15% of Everything this Week Only" promotions.
See all the Programs your Customers Participate In
Easily see all the loyalty programs and incentives that your customers participate in and receive right in the same place.
Easily Track Incentives
Track all the incentives that your customers earn so you know how effective your program is. Mark when an incentive is redeemed with the click of a button. See the complete audit trail of your program and it's incentives for each participant.
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