Shout 101

Welcome to Shout!
Whether you’re talking to customers, team members, or social media followers, Shout’s efficient design lets you merge all communication channels into one convenient space.
Getting Started with Shout
Your time is valuable, which is why we made this setup guide as succinct and straightforward as possible. You’ll be creating groups and sending mass texts in no time!

Keep in mind that if you’re a Sonlet user, we have additional information just for you.
Shout Basics
Shout has four basic components that help speed up your day.

Inbox: All your messages from Facebook, email, and text will be housed in this one inbox. If you, for example, respond to a Facebook message in Shout, your client will receive your reply as a Facebook message as well. The inbox will keep you caught up with all your customers’ questions and inquiries, plus you’ll save time and effort trying to juggle several methods of communication.

Contacts: Sammy Shout will automatically create new contacts when someone messages you, or you can create your own. You’ll have a master contact list in Shout, so you don’t have to rely on finicky social media platforms to house all your clients.

Bots: You can customize a bot to reply to customers’ common questions without you having to  touch a button. The bot can also categorize incoming messages before you even see them, allowing you to categorize conversations by topics such as “parties,” “shipping,” “rewards,” “inventory,” etc.

Groups: If you need to send the same message to multiple people, create a group. This will allow you to tell everyone about new inventory or special sales with a single click. Not only will you save yourself time, but you’ll have the guarantee that your clients actually see the promotion.

Receiving and replying to customer inquiries and product requests will become effortless as you manage all inbound and outbound messages from your Shout dashboard. Click on the button below to learn how Shout’s “Groups” feature will eliminate headache caused by contact messaging.

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