Customer Service and Marketing Numbers

Shout gives you multiple numbers to reach your customers for different needs.

For some small businesses, having a number that isn’t connected to your personal phone is a big step. Shout gives you two types of numbers for different uses.

Customer Service Numbers

A customer service number is a local number based on your specific location when you sign up for Shout. These are best for orders, individual follow-ups, customer service bots - individual conversations with a customer. Many customers like seeing your local area code, because it makes you feel like the local business that you are. That’s why we called it Customer Service!

Because these are local numbers, wireless carriers (Verizon, Sprint, etc) treat messages on them differently and are more closely watched for spam content. You’ll see warnings in your message composer if your message includes any of these:

  • Blacklisted Words: deal, offer, VIP, reward, redeem, flash, special
  • Characters such as “\” “+” or any numbers with “%” sign
  • Words in all caps
  • Consecutive punctuation (e.g. !!, ??)
  • Any emoji 😕❤️🙋🏼‍♀️😂🎉💕🔥🎂💄

This is especially true for Group Messages because the same message is going out from your number in a short time frame. Since many users want to send the same message to more than 10 numbers at a time, we make Marketing numbers available as well. 

Marketing Numbers

Marketing numbers are (833) numbers, and because they are identified for business texting, they don’t have the same kinds of restrictions as Customer Service numbers. These toll-free numbers are best for marketing blasts, VIP announcements, flash sales, and other mass communications. 

They are also able to deliver the same number of messages in a much shorter timeframe compared to the Customer Service number - more than 500 per second. If you are planning on messaging a large group of people, your Marketing number is the best way to ensure your message is delivered. 

Can I use my Marketing number for everything?

Some Shout users want their customers to have a single point of contact for their customers, so they wonder if they should only give out their Marketing number for simplicity. While we’ve seen some users go that route, we typically recommend following the guidelines outlined above. Most customers don’t have any issue identifying who is sending messages if the sender is regularly identifying themselves and following the recommended guidelines regarding opt-in text messaging. Using the local number as well as the marketing number as described produce a more reliable delivery rate, and Shout users see more consistent outcomes.

How do I get a Customer Service or Marketing Number?

You can upgrade to a Customer Service or Marketing number plan by logging into on a computer, and going to settings. Click on Plan under Subscription and choose the plan that you’re looking for.

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