Using the Shout Dashboard

The dashboard gives you a quick overview of what’s happening right now in your Shout account.

Messages and Conversations

Along the top of the dashboard, you can see metrics for messages from new contacts, unread messages, and open conversations.

My Usage

Your usage charts will give you details about how many messages you’re sending and receiving through Text, Facebook, and Shout 2 Shout services. Use the dropdown in the top right to see usage by day, week, or month.

Look in your “Settings” to see message segments used in your billing cycle.

Pinned Conversations

Pin conversations that need your continued attention, and they’ll show up here. Learn more about pinned conversations in the Inbox.

Referral Link and Credits

Friends don’t let friends miss out on the inbox that changes everything. Invite friends to join Shout and earn credits that can be traded for additional messages, a free month of service, and other great rewards.

Contact Info

Add your contact info, from your Shout phone number to your email, business website, and social media platforms in one convenient spot. Take a screenshot and share it with your customers.


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