All incoming messages and active conversations happen here.

Managing Conversations

On the left side of the inbox, you’ll see all new, unread, and open conversations in a filterable list. Here are some highlights:

Inbox and Done

At the top of the conversation list, you’ll see a tab for open Inbox conversations and an archive of past or Done conversations. When you mark a conversation “Done”, or use “Auto-Mark Done” in a bot, those conversations are moved here.

Inbox Filters

In this tab, you can choose to filter your inbox by Topic, Group, Tag, Pinned Conversations, and Muted Conversations. To remove the filter, toggle the filter buttons or use the drop-downs and select “Clear Filter”.

Contact Search

Search the inbox for a specific individual with the open search field. Press the Enter or Return key to confirm your search.

Quick Actions

Hover over the Tags or Groups icons to see additional info about that contact, or mute, pin, or mark a conversation done directly from the card.

Click on any conversation to see it in the “Active Conversation” pane.

Active Conversation

In the middle of the inbox, you’ll see the open conversation that you’ve selected from the list.

Scroll up to see old messages in the conversation for reference. Mark a conversation as Unread or Pin it for later follow-up. When you’re done with a conversation, remember to click Done to move it out of your inbox.

Below the open conversation, the message composer will let you send a message to the active contact.

Contact Profile

On the right side of the inbox, the active contact’s profile card will give you more detail about who you’re talking to.

Click More under their name to see the contact info you have for them, including their Shout username, phone numbers, and email address.

Use the contact notes and conversation notes to keep track of important details about your contacts. This can include purchase history, invoice or tracking numbers, or personal details you want to remember.

Here you can see what channel they’re in, tags they’ve been given, or groups they’re a part of. The Topic of their most recent conversation will be shown, as well as upcoming scheduled messages and message series they’re receiving.

From the contact card, you can mute contacts that don’t need your attention. Muted conversations will stay in your inbox, but you won’t receive sound alerts or mobile notifications of incoming messages.

Block contacts that you don’t want to hear from anymore.

Make sure you’re maintaining your contacts, they’re the most important part of your business. Having good contact notes, effective groups and tags, and conversation history is a game changer!

Inbox on Mobile

Mobile only

The mobile inbox is the first tab in the main navigation in your Shout app. It has similar functionality as the web inbox, with a few important differences.

  • Access a contact card from a conversation, tap the three-dot menu on the top right of the screen and tap View Profile
  • Add Conversation Notes with the three-dot menu on the top of the screen or the composer
  • Block a contact on mobile with the three-dot menu from the contact card
  • Send a scheduled message by tapping Schedule in the composer after writing your message

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