Inbox Channels

Categorize your incoming messages based on who’s sending them with Channels.

Channels act like sub-folders in your inbox. You’re going to receive messages from people who need to interact with you in different contexts. If you’re getting messages from your team and your customers all in one place, it’s easy to get distracted by competing tasks and demands. By assigning Channels to your contacts, Shout can automatically route new messages into these sub-folders in your inbox to keep you organized. 

For example... 

  • Create a Channel for customers so you can prioritize quick responses
  • Create a Channel for the team to focus on their needs without distractions from other incoming messages

Where to View Messages in Channels


Channels you’ve created will appear under the Inbox tab on the left side navigation. Click on a Channel to see the messages in that Channel. Channels will look and function the same as the general inbox. All messages can still be viewed together from all Channels in the main inbox. 


From the Inbox, tap All Conversations at the top of the screen to view available Channels. Tap a Channel name to view the messages in that Channel. To view all messages together, tap All Conversations.

How to Create a Channel 


From the “Settings” tab on the left side navigation:

  1. Click Channels under the Messages section, then click New to create a Channel.
  2. Name your Channel and click Create Channel

Your new Channel will appear under the Inbox on the left side navigation. 


From an open customer profile:

  1. Tap the Add to Channel button
  2. Tap the plus sign (+) in the top right corner 
  3. Name your Channel and tap the blue checkmark to save

How to Add a Contact to a Channel 


Add a contact to a Channel from their contact profile by clicking next to Inbox Channel > Select and choosing which Channel you’d like them to be added to. While contacts can be in unlimited Groups, they can only be in one Channel at a time. 

Bots can also add a contact to a channel when they run, which can be helpful to categorize new contacts based on how they first interact with you. Learn more about building useful bots.


Add a contact to a Channel by tapping the Add to Channel button in their contact profile and choosing a Channel. Remember that contacts can only be in one Channel at a time.

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