Message Composer

Draft messages everywhere in Shout with the composer.

Writing messages in Shout is designed to be a satisfying and powerful experience. Depending on the type of message you’re writing, you’ll be able to see different options of the composer. 

Quick Responses

Save common replies and template messages as Quick Responses and access them from the message composer. Note: Quick Responses replace all text in the composer, so insert them before you start typing.

Attach File

Attach images, PDFs, or other files to your messages. Shout will include them in your messages.

Note: Attachments must be less than 20MB.

Short Links

Web only

Insert a File or URL short link into any message, or create a new URL short link directly from the composer. Read more about Short Links.

Share Links

Web only

Share bots, groups, tags, and more from your Shout account with other Shout users. Don’t worry, this will never share any contact information, just the configuration of items you want to share. This link will also act as a referral link for new users. Read more about Share Links.

Run Bot

Start a bot directly from the composer. If a contact wants to engage with you, but you’ve got a bot set up that will handle it, just tap on the bot name and let Shout take over. Read more about Bots.


Choose which outlet you’d like to use to send your message. Depending on how you’ve set up your account, send messages from a Customer Service or Marketing text number, a Facebook Business page, or S2S. If you don’t have a customer service or marketing number yet, see how to upgrade your account.

Schedule Messages

Instead of sending a message right away, pick a future date or time for it to go out. Learn about managing Scheduled Messages.

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