Sending Attachments in Shout

Sending attachments in Shout (MMS settings)

There are two ways to send attachments:

  • MMS attachments are sent directly to a device via the wireless carrier and displayed in the device's messaging app.
  • Short links are sent as a text link. In most cases, recipients will need to click or tap the link to see the file.

Choose how to send an attachment

From a message composer:

  • Click the paperclip icon to attach a file
  • Select a file to attach
  • The file will appear as a thumbnail above your message
  • Click on the MMS or Link icon on the thumbnail to choose how the attachment should be sent, if possible
  • Some attachments can’t be sent as MMS. See limitations below.

Cost of MMS and short links

An additional segment counter is shown in a message composer after you attach a file.

  • MMS attachments cost two message segments each
  • Short links cost one message segment each

Default attachment options

To choose your default attachment settings:

  • In the left navigation, click Settings
  • Under Services, click Texting
  • Under MMS Settings toggle the checkbox to select the way Shout should send attachments by default

Limitations of MMS messages

Carriers impose limitations on MMS messages. Please note:

  • MMS messages can be .jpg, .png, .tiff, .mp4, .ac3, .wav, .gif and some others.
  • MMS messages sent via a Marketing number will be limited to 300 KB in size.
  • MMS messages sent via a Customer Service number will be limited to 922 KB in size.
  • Images (.jpg, .tiff, .png) uploaded to send as MMS messages are compressed to fit carrier limitations. Compression may cause a reduction in quality.
  • All GIFs are limited to 300 KB in size.
  • Any attachment exceeding these limitations will be sent as a short link regardless of your default settings.
  • To maintain control over the quality of your uploaded images, consider compressing them before uploading them to Shout to ensure they are less than the size limits described above
  • Use MMS images in all types of messages, including individual messages, group messages, bots, and drip campaigns.
  • Short links have no file type restrictions and will accept sizes up to 20MB.
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