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Within a company or team, many users find it useful to share workflows and processes with one another. With Share Links, you can share resources from your Shout account with others, and invite new users to sign up with those same resources automatically in their account.

For example...

  • You just had someone from your team sign up for Shout and you want them to follow your process just like you do.
  • You created a brilliant Bot (or any other feature) and want to share it with everyone in your company for them to use too. 

How to Create a Share Link 

Web only

From the Links tab on the left side navigation bar, click the blue New Share Link button.

Name your link

Keep your links organized by naming them based on who you want to share them with and what they do.

Message options

The Message options in the Link Options panel allows you to set automatic communication with the recipient when they click your link.

A Permission Message is the message that will appear on the Permission Screen when someone clicks on your Share Link before the assets are added to their account. For example: “Hey there! I’ve put together some of my most commonly used Bots, Groups, Tags, and Channels, to help you get started on the right foot! Click below to add them to your account.”

A Welcome Message will be sent to the recipient’s Shout inbox from you after they’ve added your assets to their account. For example: “You now have some example Groups, Channels, Bots, and Tags in your account. You can personalize them to fit your needs, and if you have any questions for me along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out!”

You can also choose if you’d like Bot to be triggered whenever someone clicks on this link with the Run a Bot option.


The Actions options control how contacts are tagged in YOUR account as a result of using your link. From here you can add contacts to a specific channel, tag, or group.


In the Share My section, you’ll add the different assets from your account that you’d like to share with your contacts. When you share bots, links, or other assets from your account, they will have the same names and functionality in the new account. If you accept a share link and some of the names are the same, then your new items will have the word "copy" added to their name.

Save & Exit

Once you’ve finished, click Save & Exit at the top of the screen and your link will be ready to share

How to Send a Share Link

Web only

To send a Share Link directly within a message, select the Share Link icon at the bottom of the message and choose which Link you’d like to send from the list. 

The Share Link icon is also visible in the Bot message composer, so you can include links there too!

To copy the URL of your share link to send via email, social media, or anywhere else, click the Share Link you’d like to share. On the flyout menu on the right, copy the URL and share it wherever and with whoever you’d like!

How to Edit a Share Link

Web only

Edit your Share Link by selecting the Links from the left side navigation. Click the Link you’d like to edit, then click Manage at the top of the link panel on the right side of the screen.

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