Using Short Links

Turn any link or resource into a handy, sharable link

Short links act like permanent links to all kinds of resources that you would want to share with your contacts. Once you create a short link, you can update the destination link so your contacts always have the right information at hand, without sending new messages every time.

Short links also help you save characters for when you need to send long URLs via text. Using a short link will help keep your segment count down, saving you money.

For example...

  • Share an online catalog with customers so they can see what’s available with a single click, and keep it updated behind the scenes
  • Shorten a link to your company Facebook group or online profile to make invites easy 

How to Create a Short Link

Web Only

From the Links tab in the left side navigation (recommended):

  1. Click Short Links at the top middle of the screen.
  2. Click the blue New Short Link button at the top right of the screen. File Links allow you to upload resources like PDFs and images to Shout, and then reference them with a simple URL in your messages. URL Links will redirect a contact to another URL that you want to share.
  3. Name your link. This name will only be visible to you, so pick something that will help you remember what the link is for
  4. Click Save

You can also create a new URL Link from an open message thread:

  1. Select the link icon in the composer, then click New Link
  2. Name your link. 
  3. Insert the URL for the site or resource you’d like to link to
  4. When you’re finished, select Create and Insert and the link will be added to your message. This new link will be added to the list of links in your Short Link area.

How to Send a Short Link

Web Only

Send a Short Link from any message composer by selecting the Link icon in the message thread and choosing the link from the list. 

How to Edit a Short Link 

Web Only

From the Settings tab in the left side navigation:

  1. Click Short Links under the Messaging section
  2. Click the Short Link that you’d like to edit, or choose Edit from the three-dot menu on the right side of the Short Link
  3. Edit your link as desired
  4. Click Save

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