Square Invoices

What are Square Invoices?

Send Square invoices and receipts (squareup.com) via text directly in Shout. 

  • Use Shout orders to track customer orders from the moment you receive the request until you ship them
  • When you create a Square invoice from Shout, invoice information such as Line items, Order total, and Invoice link are automatically imported into the Shout Order
  • Orders must be created and managed on desktop or tablet. Mobile support coming soon.

Connect with Square

To begin using Square invoices:

  • In the left navigation go to Settings and under Invoicing click Square
  • Click Connect your Square account
  • Follow the login instructions in Square
  • Select your Square location
  • You can import all Square customers into Shout by clicking Import Square Customers 
  • Most users only have one Square location. Update your location anytime in Shout by clicking Update Square Location

Update Default Invoice and Receipt Settings

By default, Shout will automatically send Square invoice and receipt links to your customers. To modify this setting and the content of these messages and invoices:

  • Go to the left navigation and click Settings, then under Invoicing click Orders
  • Use the checkboxes to control if invoices and receipts should be sent automatically or manually
  • Modify the default text message content for invoices and receipts as needed
  • Prefill Square invoice titles and messages
  • The link to the Square invoice is also available on the Orders page when you click an individual order

Create a New Square Invoice

  • Click Contacts in the left navigation
  • Select your customer
  • In the contact profile sidebar, under Orders click New Order
  • Select Square Invoice
  • Confirm contact information
  • Click Create Square Invoice
  • Square will open a new browser tab; complete the Square invoice
  • At the top of the screen, click Create
  • Close the Square tab and return to Shout
  • Once you click Create in Square, Shout will automatically send your invoice link and default text unless you’ve disabled automatic sending in your settings
  • When your customer pays an invoice, your order will be automatically marked Paid and your default receipt text will be sent
  • Square requires a contact name, phone number, and email to create an invoice

View and Sort Orders

View all orders by clicking Orders on the left navigation. Here you can:

  • View open and closed orders for all contacts
  • Sort orders by any of the table headings, including total price, order date, and status
  • View and update individual order statuses
  • View order details by clicking on an individual order
  • Order history is automatically saved to your customer profile. View the contact profile sidebar anywhere in Shout, including the inbox, contacts tab, or group list
  • Send a text notification to remind a contact of unpaid invoices by clicking ••• and selecting Notify Contact to Pay
  • If orders were sent with Square, click ••• to Show or Edit the invoice in Square

Ship with Shout

Coming soon! Print shipping labels directly from Shout after an invoice is paid.

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