Upload Contacts Via CSV

Add multiple contacts at a time

If you already use a system like Square, PayPal, or a distributor back-office where most of your customer contacts are stored, exporting your contacts from that system is the simplest way to bring them into Shout. Here’s how:

  1. Export your contacts to a CSV (comma-separated values) file from your third-party system
  2. Modify that file to match the Shout import template. You can find the template file under the Add New Contacts button on the Contacts page, or download it here. See our Excel tips below.
  3. Make sure that the CSV file you prepare to import has the correct column headers: “Customer Name”, “Customer Email”, and “Phone”.
  4. Shout stores first and last names together, so make sure you combine those columns in your “Customer Name” column.
  5. Remove additional info from the phone number cells coming out of the other system. Some systems (like Square) will add special characters to the beginning of phone numbers (‘+1) to make them easier to read in a CSV format. However, these characters are not recognized in the Shout import. See below for tips on cleaning your CSV file.
  6. Upload your modified CSV file into Shout by navigating to your Contacts page, and clicking Upload CSV. Once you select your file from your computer, you have the option to add all the contacts in that CSV into a single Group or Channel. If you’re adding customer records, we recommend adding them to both the Customer group and channel in your account.

Excel/Google Sheets tips:

Modifying your CSV can feel daunting at first, especially if you have a large number of contacts to import. Here are some tips to make that process easy for you.

  • Use “Find and Replace” to clean up the phone number column. Find ‘+1 and replace it with a blank field to delete it across an entire column or sheet.
  • Create another column to the left of your sheet, and use the CONCATENATE (or CONCAT) function to combine a first and last name field. Then, fill the rest of the column with that function to quickly combine two columns of data. Copy the new column and then “Paste Values” directly into it to remove the function and keep the names.

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