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How Forterra Pest Control Uses Shout to Gets Better Google Reviews

Forterra Pest Control made the shift to Shout and increased both the amount and quality of feedback they received from customers. Learn how.

David is the owner of Forterra Pest Control located in Dallas, Texas. One of the most important aspects of his business is collecting feedback from customers to improve satisfaction, as well as gathering reviews to promote pest services to prospective customers.

While collecting feedback may sound simple, it often creates significant hurdles for small teams who don’t have the time to individually contact each customer. That’s exactly what happened when David decided to implement Podium’s software automations to ask customers for feedback.

The Problem with Podium

Not only was Podium’s platform expensive, it didn’t yield the type of feedback or quality of reviews the Forterra team really needed.

“Podium automatically asks for a review from everyone in your customer list, which isn’t necessarily the best approach,” David said.

That approach wasn’t ideal for Forterra for two reasons:

  1. It’s a one-sided approach that asks the customer to do something for the business rather than asking them for honest feedback.
  2. It led to more bad reviews than the team was anticipating.

David needed a solution that would save him money, help his team collect more valuable feedback, and improve Google reviews.

David’s Approach

David’s father-in-law introduced him to Shout knowing it had the potential to be just the solution Forterra needed. He decided to use Shout’s bots to engage with customers directly to ask for feedback and reviews. Here’s how:

  1. Automated Follow-ups: David set up a bot to automatically send a text message to every customer one day after the Forterra team completes a service call. The bot asks the customer to rate their service on a scale of 1-5.
  2. Customer Feedback: Based on how the customer rates their service, the bot will respond with relevant next steps. A rating of 1-4 will prompt the bot to ask the customer to provide a few more details about their service and how the team can improve. A rating of 5 will prompt the bot to ask the customer to leave a review for Forterra on Google.

The Results

Thanks to Shout, David and his team have been able to streamline their customer feedback process and improve customer satisfaction overall. Their team sends an average of 50 messages per day and usually receive 10–20 responses from customers.

“Instantly reaching out in a non-invasive way has made it way more likely that we actually receive valuable feedback from customers,” David said.  

Prior to using Shout, Forterra usually only received feedback if a customer had a major issue or wanted to cancel. Now, they can immediately address customer concerns before they escalate to major problems.

“Shout helps us do right by our customers because we can be proactive and get to the bottom of issues,” David said. “It allows us to nip problems in the bud, especially things some customers might not specifically call us about.”

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David made the shift from Podium to Shout and increased both the amount and quality of feedback he received from customers. As a result, he’s able to segment contacts and filter feedback in the best possible way for his customers and his business.

You, too, can make the shift to Shout. Start connecting with your customers today by downloading Shout in the app store or clicking here.

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