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How Shout Helped Abby Stay Out of Facebook Jail

Abby is a busy wife, mom, and entrepreneur. Between raising her children, managing her business, connecting with her team, and recently relocating across the United States, Abby has a lot on her plate. 

Abby started her business 5 years ago and has steadily increased her sales and audience size. As her business grew, so did the amount of time she spent finding customers’ contact info, following up about orders, and creating shipping labels.

The Problem

When Abby started her business, she relied on Facebook to connect directly with her customers. The problem was: she could only message 20 customers at a time about a new product or upcoming sale. After messaging 20 customers, she would have to wait a while to message the next group in order to prevent Facebook from marking her messages as spam.

And even then, some of her customers wouldn’t see the messages right away because they weren’t on Facebook at the time; or even worse, sometimes Facebook still blocked her messages. Worst of all, Facebook occasionally blocked Abby from messaging her customers at all.

Abby’s Approach

Abby discovered Shout’s messaging features and started utilizing them immediately to connect more seamlessly with her team and audience.

Group Chat: Instead of messaging groups of 20 at a time, Abby used Shout’s group chat feature to connect instantly with her entire audience. She used to spend hours, if not days, messaging hundreds of people on Facebook. Now, she spends a few minutes sending the same message.

“In one minute I can reach 200 customers and it would usually take me 3 days,” she said. 

Message Scheduler: Abby used to have to message customers every time she brought on a new product, ran a sale, or needed to answer questions. That meant there were dozens of times each year she had to spend several days sending messages. By utilizing Shout’s scheduling feature, she’s been able to plan and schedule messages as she prepares for a promotion or new product. 

“With [Facebook] Messenger, I can’t schedule a text. With Shout, I can work ahead,” Abby said.

Invoices and Shipping: When Abby first started her business, she used Facebook to manage invoices, utilized a variety of platforms like PayPal and Venmo to collect payments, hand wrote shipping labels for each order, and then took shipments to the post office and manually shipped each order. Each part of the process took hours of time. 

Along with Shout’s messaging tools, Abby utilized Shout’s order management system to send invoices via text, as well as create and print shipping labels all from her phone. That shift alone has saved her thousands of hours of work.

The Results

By moving her messaging platform from Facebook to Shout, Abby was able to streamline almost all aspects of her business. She reduced the amount of time she spent messaging customers and managing orders from several days to several minutes. Abby also noticed that streamlining her business helped legitimize it in the eyes of her customers—rather than managing messages, payments, and shipping on different platforms, Shout enabled her to create a seamless experience.

Abby’s business continues to grow, but with Shout’s tools she’s able to stay on top of the increased number of customers and orders.

“I’m doing things a lot quicker, and I feel like I’m actually working a lot less than I used to,” Abby said. “There’s just so many little chunks of time Shout has saved me.” 

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Shout helped Abby get out—and stay out—of Facebook jail. Shout’s messaging and shipping features eliminated time-consuming tasks so she could focus on what’s most important to her: enjoying time with her family. In the process, she saved time, created stronger relationships, and bolstered her business

You can get out of whatever jail is holding your business back, too. Download Shout for free today to start streamlining your business, your team, and much more.

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