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Shout Use Cases: How Automating with Shout Saved Kelsey's Business

Running a business is hard work, but it’s even harder when you lose passion and motivation. Learn how Shout's automations helped Kelsey reinvigorate her business, and discover how you can apply these lessons to your business as well.

Kelsey started her business in 2017, when the social media landscape was vastly different than what it is today. Facebook showcased real people and connections above groups and pages. Live Videos were pushed to the top of the newsfeed and received thousands of viewers actively joining in. Instagram showed posts chronologically, rather than prioritizing the top performers or big spenders.

Connecting with others was so much simpler, and that’s how Kelsey was able to engage her customers.

Once social media changed, her views on her Live Videos dropped from 6K a session to 200 on a good day. Kelsey was finding that connecting with her customers was getting increasingly more difficult, and the old methods of engaging her audience were not working. She had to hustle hard, and while the extra time and effort allowed her to maintain her sales and recruitment numbers, it just wasn’t sustainable.

These changes, paired with a big, life-changing event, found Kelsey lacking passion for the business that she had built for the past 4 years. When she needed to take a step back, and couldn’t continue overworking herself for the sake of her business, she lost half of her revenue and was left feeling uninspired and unmotivated.


The key issue Kelsey faced was the increased time and effort needed to grow her business, since the social media landscape had evolved so much.

Kelsey wanted to connect with each of her customers and offer them the best experience with her company to drive sales and growth. She also wanted to empower her teammates and provide them with all of the tools and resources needed to succeed in their own businesses. Trying to do both perfectly and on her own was becoming increasingly more difficult, and the energy it required was not feasible long-term.


With Shout’s Marketing Blasts, Drips, and Group Chats, Kelsey was able to streamline her communication efforts with customers and team members. Automating these processes gave her more time to tackle areas of her business that she was more passionate about.

Marketing Blast: Instead of individually texting customers about product launches, sales, or Facebook Live sessions, Kelsey utilized the Marketing Blast feature to send notifications and updates to her customers.

Drip Campaigns: When onboarding new team members, Kelsey didn’t just care about their short-term wins, but long-term success. She wanted to provide ongoing resources and support for her new teammates, so she used the Drip Campaign feature to send out a daily text with an action step they could apply to their business. In 2 hours, she was able to plan out 100 days of content that would automatically be sent out to new team members upon subscribing to her texts. Kelsey is now working to create a Spanish version to reach new audiences and promote inclusivity.

Group Chat: With a fully remote company, creating culture and staying motivated can be difficult. Kelsey used the Group Chat feature within Shout to create a place where she could encourage her team, foster connectivity, and rebuild the company culture.


The time Kelsey spent juggling individual outreach, lengthy onboarding processes, and constantly promoting her business has been redirected into more productive ways.

Marketing Blast: Utilizing the Marketing Blast feature saved her 10 hours of outreach per announcement, and increased customer participation by 91%.

If you are interested in creating and sending your own marketing blast, click here to learn how.

Drip Campaigns: After implementing Drip Campaigns for onboarding, Kelsey increased her recruitment from 3 new members to a month to 10, as new team members felt more confident that they could be successful in their role thanks to the daily content ideas and motivation.

Click here to learn how to create and send your own drip campaign.

Group Chat: Within the first week of implementing the Group Chat feature, company sales doubled thanks to increased motivation fostered by the company chat Kelsey created.

Click here to learn how to create a group and send a group chat of your own.


Running a business is hard work, but it’s even harder when you lose passion and motivation.

Shout and its automation capabilities allowed Kelsey to not only reinvigorate her business, but fall back in love with it in the process. Now, Kelsey is focused on creating systems and processes to empower other team members in her company to reach the success that she has had with her business.

Through Shout’s numerous automation tools, you can schedule Marketing Blasts, Drip Campaigns and more to deal with the nitty gritty of your business, so you can have more time to work on what you love.

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